Teleflex Medical OEM Expands Popular Force Fiber® Product Line -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Teleflex Medical OEM

Teleflex Medical OEM Expands Popular Force Fiber® Product Line

Force Fiber® is an innovative combination of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) yarn and a unique, proprietary braid design that creates an incredibly strong, durable, pliable, and lubricious suture.

The Force Fiber® product line now includes:

Additional USP sizes: 5-0 through 5More patterns, including cross and stripeWide selection of solids and multi-colored sutures, including blue, white, green, white/blue, green/white, white/black and white/green

Force Fiber® has a coreless configuration that is flatter than most polyblend sutures allowing each successive knot to better lock up against the last and providing outstanding knot security. Scientific studies indicate Force Fiber® significantly outperforms polyblend suture of comparable size for straight pull tensile and knot tensile strength.

Designed for a wide range of procedures, Force Fiber® is cleared by the FDA for use in approximation and/or ligation of soft tissues, including the use of allograft tissue for orthopedic procedures.

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