Teleflex Medical OEM

Teleflex Medical OEM Introduces New Process for Joining Dissimilar Tubing Segments

Teleflex Medical OEM’s award-winning, breakthrough technology gives original equipment manufacturers exciting new options for the next generation of catheter and delivery system designs. For example, the new process allows:

• A larger distal section for a medical device, valve, or graft delivery application

• Larger distal sections joined to a smaller diameter proximal catheter shaft

• A dramatic increase of the diameter of the catheter’s distal tip section using a precisely controlled process

With current manufacturing techniques, there are significant challenges associated with catheter designs requiring tubing sections of varying diameters. Once the ratio between the larger and smaller tubing sections exceeds 1.1, assembly over a fluoropolymer liner becomes problematic. Conventional bonding techniques become difficult and generally result in a rigid bond site and decreased catheter flexibility.

There is outstanding potential for Teleflex Medical OEM’s new manufacturing process to be applied to valve or graft delivery systems, or to interventional catheter designs requiring strong proximal sections.