Teleflex Medical OEM Introduces Versatile EFEP Co-Extrusion -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Teleflex Medical OEM

Teleflex Medical OEM Introduces Versatile EFEP Co-Extrusion

Teleflex Medical OEM is pleased to introduce an EFEP co-extrusion that eliminates the need for etching. The co-extrusion has outstanding chemical resistance and very high clarity, making it an excellent candidate for applications where transparency is important.

EFEP co-extrusion has unique characteristics that combine the advantages of both fluoropolymers and more traditional materials like PEBA, including lubricity, biocompatibility, flexibility, and ease of bonding. EFEP can be co-extruded with polyamide- or PEBA-type materials as an outer layer or tube liner; or laminated over coil- or braid-reinforced assemblies.

Teleflex Medical OEM, a preeminent global provider of medical product design, development and production services, supports the world’s leading medical device manufacturers with a focus on custom extrusions, high-performance interventional catheters, sutures, and performance fibers, represented by the brand names of TFX OEM® and Deknatel®.

Teleflex Medical OEM can customize EFEP co-extrusion to most specifications and applications. For more information, visit