Teleflex Medical OEM Receives Patent for High-Strength, Coreless Force Fiber® Suture -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Teleflex Medical OEM

Teleflex Medical OEM Receives Patent for High-Strength, Coreless Force Fiber® Suture

Force Fiber Suture
This technology is also applicable to UHMWPE material co-braided with colored fibers to create greater visibility and contrast during surgical procedures.

“Teleflex Medical OEM continues to pursue innovations in performance fibers and specialty sutures,” stated Richard Gallagher, Global Director of Research, Development and Engineering for Teleflex Medical OEM. “The issuance of the patent further solidifies our role as a global leader in fiber-based products that will provide benefits to our customers and to their patients.”

Marketed under the brand Force Fiber® since 2004, the suture’s excellent physical properties and handling characteristics have made it a leading choice for arthroscopic repairs. Research indicates that Force Fiber® has a high level of strength compared to competitive suture. In addition, the suture is flexible, nonabrasive, and has a silk-like feel that is gentle on tissue and gloves. Force Fiber’s® coreless braid, when tied by the surgeon, will flatten upon itself to provide a low knot profile that resists slippage and offers outstanding knot security.

The Force Fiber® portfolio includes a wide range of USP sizes, patterns such as cross and stripe, and an outstanding selection of solids and multi-colored sutures, including blue, white, green, white/blue, green/white, white/black and white/green.

Teleflex Medical OEM has private label agreements with leading orthopedic medical device manufacturers to market Force Fiber suture for orthopedic applications. In addition, Force Fiber® suture is used as a component in numerous orthopedic medical devices.

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