The New D16 and D34 Pumps -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Charles Austen Pumps Ltd.

The New D16 and D34 Pumps

Charles Austen Pumps announce the launch of their new D16 and D34 diaphragm pumps. The oil-free, maintenance free operation and robust construction make the Charles Austen D16 and D34 diaphragm pumps ideal for applications in medical devices such as portable suction units and aspirators. Offering an ultra lightweight construction and innovative diaphragm design, the D16 and D34 provide flow rates previously only achievable from much larger pumps.

Available in 12v DC with exceptionally low current draw the D16 and D34 provide long life operation from battery power sources – essential in portable medical devices. The flexibility allows for both pumps to be used in any orientation making them ideal for retro-fit installations.

Application ideas include installations such as fixed and portable medical suction units, pick and place machines, air monitoring devices, gas analysers, aspirators, vacuum holding and lifting machines and many medical devices.