Top Clean Packaging Group Introduces Cleanroom-Compatible Sealing System! -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Top Clean Packaging Group

Top Clean Packaging Group Introduces Cleanroom-Compatible Sealing System!

New sealing machine
One thing always leads to another for François Berry, President of Top Clean Packaging Group, headquartered in the village of Peschadoires smack in the centre of France. The company’s most recent venture, which it will preview at Compamed, is a sealing system developed and built at the group’s Cartolux facility in Suzhou, China.

The company had been using sealers made by other companies but, notes Berry, they never quite satisfied the full range of demands. True to form, he tasked his engineers and development staff to come up with a better system. You can judge for yourself whether or not he succeeded at COMPAMED (stand 8bE10) in November, where the sealer will have its European debut.

In the meantime, here are some of the system’s features:

- Choose how much — or how little — support you want. Three options are available: the raw Cartolux 500 sealing machine; the machine with tools, settings and sealing qualification tests and controls; and a complete package, if you will, that includes the packaging (blister packs and lids), sealing machine with tools and settings, packaging qualification, and on-demand outsourcing services as a back up for production peaks and know-how transfers.

- The compact machine is built on a solid frame and provides 6 bar air pressure for optimal sealing.

- Designed for cleanroom use, the sealing machine does not use pins on the sealing frame. Instead, a silicone plate is wedged between 2 metal sealing plates.

- All sealing parameters (pressure, temperature and cycle time) can be set by means of a PLC with touch screen and stored for future use.

- The tools and machine comply with IQ, OQ and PQ protocols and are certified to ISO 11607.

Those are the some of the individual highlights. More than that, stresses Berry, is the fact that the system is one link in a cohesive supply chain that connects packaging design and development, the appropriate qualified sealing system and a range of custom services that include test and measurement, cleanroom assembly, packing and sealing and management of sterilization. It all ends up, as is often the case at Top Clean Packaging Group, with a single-source solution.

Mr. Denis EYRAUD, Marketing and Communication Manager