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The new UNITEC series of cases, which was introduced at the electronica 2008, has now been extended by a practical smaller S size. The new UNITEC range of cases is characterised by two different operating panels at right angles to each other with ergonomic inclinations of 72° and 18°. Depending on the application, these can be used for operating and/or reading-off purposes, thus allowing simultaneous applications, for example the doctor vis-à-vis the patient.

The standard version of the UNITEC was designed as a three-part unit and consists of a top part, a bottom part as well as a rear-facing front part in the standard colour of off-white (RAL 9002). The M version has the dimensions 148 x 210 x 80/25 mm (W x D x H), while the new S size has the dimensions 125 x 177 x 69/22 mm. In order to satisfy individual customer requirements, the top and front parts are available with recesses of different depths:
- Variant 1: with an all-over operating area with a depth of 0.6 mm
(e.g. for using overlay foils)
- Variant 2: top and bottom parts each with separate defined areas
(1.4 mm deep) for membrane keyboards etc.
- Variant 3: Top part with a recess of 0.6 mm, front part 1.4 mm
- Variant 4: Top part with a recess of 1.4 mm, front part 0.6 mm
Here it is up to the user to decide whether he wishes to use no operating area at all, only one area (on the front or on the back) or even both areas with appropriate membrane keyboards.

This range of cases is highly flexible in its assembly capability, for the printed circuit boards can be positioned in any of the three individual parts, and thanks to its flat surfaces is ideal for the use of large displays or touch screens. Since the operating panels are positioned at right angles to each other, it is possible to install electronics and interfaces as complete ready-made packages. The bottom part of the case already has matching installation bays as standard for separate battery compartments (in the range of accessories) with 3x or 5x 1.5 V AA batteries, or completely closed for an incoming power supply. The comprehen-sive portfolio is completed by a two-part bracket. With the help of this bracket, the UNITEC case can be used in different ergonomic environments for wall-mounted applications.