VISIT WATSON-MARLOW BREDEL ON STAND M19 IN HALL 08a AT COMPAMED 2008 19-21 November 2008, Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Watson-Marlow Bredel Pumps

VISIT WATSON-MARLOW BREDEL ON STAND M19 IN HALL 08a AT COMPAMED 2008 19-21 November 2008, Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre

At this year’s ComPaMED in Düsseldorf, Watson-Marlow Bredel will display its flagship products for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, 323, 600 and 700 pumps and Pumpsil® tubing. The company, will also show its OEM pump offering and highlight the five year warranty applied to its key pumps.

OEM – Customer service on demand
OEM pumps with flow rates ranging from 0.01µl/min to 33 litre/min are particularly suitable for pharmaceutical and biotech applications as they are developed to match the user’s specifications. If need be, custom products can be refined to perfectly fit to the client’s equipment.

323 Pump – The lab specialist
Designed for cleanroom and light-industrial environments, the 323 pump incorporates zero-maintenance brushless DC motors and can achieve flow rates of between 0.06ml/min and 2,000ml/min. Versatile and astonishingly reliable, the 323 is simple to use and benefits from a microprocessor control that delivers a dosing accuracy of ±1.0%.

600 and 700 series pumps – The right product for the right application
The 620 series pump offers exceptional levels of performance, accuracy and output up to 2,000 litre/hour for the biotech, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. It features a choice of drives and pumpheads to provide manual, remote or auto control and dosing, metering and dispensing options.

The new 720 series of cased pumps features Watson-Marlow Bredel's patented LoadSure pumping elements which use sanitary Tri-clamp style connectors to provide long tube life through accurate loading every time. Both product ranges benefit from a warranty extension from three to five years validating its products’ high reliability and performance.

Pumpsil® and BioBarb - Reliable tubing for pharmaceutical applications
In addition to manufacturing peristaltic pumps, Watson-Marlow Bredel manufactures its own high quality platinum-cured silicone tubing which is already widely and successfully used within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Pumpsil® tubing with LaserTraceabilityTM ensures complete traceability is achieved by laser-etching key-information (lot and part number, use-by-date) over the entire length of the tube.

BioBarb, a range of disposable tube fittings that eliminate the risk of cross-contamination during media transfer will also be exhibited at ComPaMED. Manufactured using DMF-listed polypropylene, BioBarb fittings are easy to clean and provide an ideal solution for clean-room environments.

Watson-Marlow representatives will be available on stand in Hall 8a for the duration of the exhibition to answer any questions and discuss the benefits of peristaltic pumps and tubing for the pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing industries.