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Vauth-Sagel Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Vauth-Sagel Signs Comprehensive Cooperation with Engel Austria


For this reason, the system component manufacturer has decided to enter into a collaboration with the Austrian family-owned company Engel Austria. From now on, the Austrian machine construction firm will be supplementing, renewing and optimising Vauth-Sagel’s machine park at its Paderborn site.

As a result of the swift growth of the company and the takeover of several firms at various locations, Vauth-Sagel has been working with machines from different manufacturers and differing technological standards over the past few years. “Of course, we knew in advance that taking over various machines would also mean taking on differing technologies, both in terms of the control systems and the handling. And the warehousing of spare parts has also become increasingly complex over the years and required urgent optimisation. For this reason, it was essential that the machines be harmonised to ensure we remain effective and efficient”, comments Managing Director Claus Sagel. “Our selection criteria were first and foremost existing experience with classical machine construction and speed of innovation. Furthermore, it was important to us that we chose a machine manufacturer that had already proven to be extremely reliable within Vauth-Sagel.”

Ultimately, decisive for us were state-of-the-technology, speed of innovation, stability, service guarantee, market reputa-tion and energy efficiency. The decision as to which machine manufacturers were potentially right for Vauth-Sagel was made internally and the dispatch of trial moulds provided the deci-sion-makers with current information on the respective perfor-mance. Following inspection, Vauth-Sagel ascertained that most manufacturers were able to draw on excellent technologies. However, the decision fell on Engel Austria due to the technical standardisation and eco- and resource-friendly sustainability towards which Vauth-Sagel was striving.

Just like Vauth-Sagel, Engel is a family company and – over the company’s just under 70-year history – has developed into the world’s largest injection moulding machine builder and is the technology leader in this area. The machine builder has systematically expanded its product portfolio and today offers integrated systems solutions, which include the process technologies, automation, mould projecting, training and service along with injection moulding machines. To this end, injection moulding machines and linear robots are developed and manufactured at the company’s own facilities. Engel produces further systems components in collaboration with systems partners, whereby Engel always assume responsibility for the entire system.

State-of-the-art machines guarantee innovative products

Among other things, the cooperation with Vauth-Sagel includes the delivery of “Victory” injection moulding machines with tie-bar-less-technology for large-scale moulds, large-scale “Duo” machines, which are also designed for large injection moulding parts, and “Viper” linear robots providing maximum stability, impressive dynamics and the highest level of operating comfort.

With this investment, Vauth-Sagel primarily anticipates an increase in productivity. In the future, old machines will be gradually replaced by new systems from Engel, whereby the new equipment will – due to the fact they are fitted with state-of-the-art control systems – be able to be modified and have new technologies integrated. In addition to this, production costs are expected to fall in line with increasing automation: “the speed of the price fluctuations in the case of plastics demands that every possible savings potential is swiftly identified. The investment we have just made, our internal restructuring and extensive innovative measures are helping us to not only maintain our own high quality standards and delivery reliability - taking our products’ constantly-rising material prices and energy costs into account - we have actually been able to improve these”, states Peter Sagel, Sales Director for Germany.

Vauth-Sagel also sees another benefit in its spare parts warehousing. As the Paderborn-based company works with a total of more than 65 injection moulding machines with locking forces of between 25 and 2,300 tonnes, certain individual parts will be used for several machines in the future, which means a positive reduction in the warehousing of parts. Furthermore, the closest Engel service station is not very far from Vauth-Sagel, hence permitting the delivery of all spare parts within just 24 hours.