World's Smallest Diaphragm Pump -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Schwarzer Precision GmbH + Co. KG

World's Smallest Diaphragm Pump

With the development of the world's smallest eccentric diaphragm pump SP 100 EC Schwarzer Precision opens new performance dimensions. With the miniaturization of portable devices for medical technology and science, it is now possible for the first time to realize, for example, gas analysis devices having the dimensions of a cigarette box.

So far, the development of increasingly smaller miniature pumps was restricted by physical limits which made a further reduction of the dimensions problematic. For example, smallest valves respond with increasing sluggishness because the density of the delivered medium is not likewise reduced in a proportional manner. The result: There were limits to certain minimum sizes. The development of the miniature pumps had reached a final barrier for the time being.

As a result of intensive research in the field of flow dynamics and micromechanics, a completely new solution has now been developed utilizing the company's proprietary hrV technology (High Response Valves).

Nonetheless, these precision pumps, weighing only 15.5 grams, are extremely potent power dwarfs: 900 ml/min free flow, 560 mbar pressure or 600 mbar vacuum are the proud result. Another important aspect is their minimum current consumption; even the battery packs of portable devices can now be minimized significantly.

The top priority with the development of SP diaphragm pumps is their absolute reliability and long service life. Gas-tight pump heads guarantee true measuring results, precision ball bearings provide extremely quiet operation.