infoteam Software AG presents real time image processing software framework at COMPAMED. -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


infoteam Software AG

infoteam Software AG presents real time image processing software framework at COMPAMED.


At this year's COMPAMED in Düsseldorf infoteam Software AG presents two new areas of service: As an established software service provider infoteam combined its know-how in the fields of real time operating systems and image processing to a framework for real time image processing applications like it is needed in ophthalmology to perform pupil detection, for example. Based on a QNX real time operating system, image processing algorithms can be designed and tested efficiently. After various adjustments and with few exceptions, the open source program library OpenCV (BSD-licence) with more than 2,500 optimised algorithms (e.g. face detection, 3D functionality etc.) allows compiling for QNX completely.

Additionally, infoteam introduces the performant visualisation of medical data as 3D display and animation with the industry standard OpenGL. Especially in combination with multi-touch displays it allows new concepts of control, by which the user can move, rotate, enlarge and deform 3D objects at will. infoteam builds on Qt for the development of this customised, graphical user interfaces on medical devices with embedded Linux or in other software on the PC. This already contains many standard GUI components, which can be customised and expanded. On top of that OpenGL elements can be integrated, which enable the development of applications on mobile or embedded devices. On November 16th to 19th 2015, infoteam Software AG shows its know-how at COMPAMED in Düsseldorf at Hall 8b, stand H37.

Besides the own iMED - software platform for efficient realisation of individual solutions around the fields of controlling, monitoring and visualisation on medical devices and systems, infoteam provides insight into the whole portfolio of solutions in software development for medical devices. On top of that, Hannes Mühlenberg, Consultant Medical Devices of infoteam Software AG will illustrate on November 18th at 1:15 PM at the COMPAMED SUPPLIERS FORUM in Hall 8b, stand G40 how classic automation technology and medical technology can be linked together.

BU: The Canny-Algorithm is one of the best-known and most robust algorithms for edge detection in digital image processing and can be realised in real time with the infoteam framework.