COMPAMED Spring Convention - "A silver lining for medical technology“ -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

COMPAMED Spring Convention - "A silver lining for medical technology“

Photo: Conference room full with participants

This year's focus of COMPAMED Spring Convention - "A silver lining for medical technology“ is: Photonics applications for diagnostics and therapeutic methods

Enabled by continuously increasing requirements for reliability and precision in medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices, biophotonics, laser technology and micro-optics are gaining a foothold in medical technology. Optical processes, e.g. in minimally invasive procedures or imaging, have proven to be particularly low-risk and patient-friendly.

Employment of light is a diverse field that offers manufacturers of modern medical devices many opportunities to remain successful on the international market. Miniaturized optical sensors make measuring and evaluating blood levels such as blood glucose painfree, laser beams reduce bleedings in surgical incisions and high-tech microscopes determine the perfect, personalized fit for implants.

The 9th COMPAMED Spring Convention will take place on May 7, 2015 at Frankfurt Airport and offers enlightening insight into the applications of photonic processes for endoscopy, laser surgery, Lab-on-a-chip, biomedical optosensors and others. Companies interested in presenting their own innovations in this field can apply for a presentation slot at the 9th COMPAMED Spring Convention.

The forum is aimed at developers, producers and users in the medical field. The COMPAMED Spring Convention is a cooperation of Messe Düsseldorf and IVAM Microtechnology Network

For more information and tips on who to contact, check 9th COMPAMED Spring Convention. You can also find the final conference schedule and registration here soon.; Source: IVAM