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Axon Cable SAS

Cables and cable assemblies for automatic laboratory analyzers

Flexible cable assembly


Cablesand cable assemblies

for automatic laboratory analyzers

for automatization systems and robots

Compact, accurate and fast. These are the qualities required for analyzers and sampling devices used in medical laboratories. Right from the outset in designing hybrid, spiral, flat or round interconnects, Axon’ Cable takes into account these requirements. Axon’ cables and assemblies are designed to supply the robotic arms of automated devices and dispense fluid samples with precision. They are characterized by their flexibility and flex life.

Flexible and tough

Supplying the robotic arm of a device, loading and unloading samples and dispensing micro-quantities of fluid all require high precision and speed. Micro-samples are transported through PTFE tubes integrated into hybrid cables and assemblies designed by Axon’ Cable. The highly regular diameter of the tubes, achieved through a reliable and precise manufacturing process, makes it possible to ensure a highly accurate micro-quantity of fluid each time.

In addition to this high degree of accuracy, the conductors and insulating materials of Axon’s cables and assemblies have been selected to withstand repetitive flexing (for example, more than 1.6 million cycles for a spiral cord). Depending on the insulating material chosen, the cables can also be highly resistant to both abrasion and chemical attack. They have also been designed as small as possible to save space in these necessarily compact automated devices.

Axon’ Cable offers wires and round or flat composite cables insulated with PFA, FEP, PTFE and Celloflon® (expanded PTFE patented by Axon’). Ideal for vacuum environments, these materials do not pollute the atmosphere of controlled atmosphere laboratory environments.

AXON’ also has many years expertise in the manufacture of coaxial cables, microwave cables and PTFE tubes. This allows the company to design composite hydro-electric assemblies able to transmit not just signals and power but also liquids or gases. Most of the company’s wires, cables and assemblies are UL certified.