Light Source Technology -- COMPAMED Trade Fair
Photo:The colour spectrum of light
microLEDs are a very promising area
of technology and considerable research

mLED Ltd specialises in micro light-emitting diodes (microLEDs), devices made up of thousands of tiny emitters producing light in a compact, integrated package. Unlike other micro-display technologies, they are dense arrays of miniature light sources which are pattern programmable and do not require a plethora of external components, such as optics and switching matrices, to modulate the light pattern, thereby making them more compact and efficient.

Dr Jim Bonar, Chief Executive of mLED, said: "This is a very exciting international area of technology but there are only a few companies in the world which have recognised the opportunity and demonstrated capability in this area. We are producing a platform technology that is compact, robust, reliable and versatile.
"MicroLEDs have particularly strong potential for evolving life science markets such as neuroscience and for the emerging telecoms market of pico projectors, as well as for printing, microscopy and next-generation general lighting arrangements. The power density, versatility and compactness of microLEDs makes them ideally suited for these applications.

"Each of the microLEDs has enough light output to affect other materials, allowing actions such as the active illumination and stimulation of cells. They also have a switching speed fast enough for use in communications or in fluorescence lifetime imaging, which can be used to study cells. We have demonstrator kits available for sale so that developers can see if the micro-LEDs fit with their own innovative applications - we aim to be delivering to customers very soon.

"The University, and its Institute of Photonics, have been extremely supportive throughout the process of setting up mLED. Excellent technology has been developed at the Institute, which is recognised as the world leader in microLEDs, and the University's Department of Research and Knowledge Exchange Services has been hugely helpful in enabling us to realise our ambitions so far."; Source: University of Strathclyde