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Luer lock testing at Anecto

Luer fittings are often used for syringes as well as many other devices.

Independent ISO 17025 accredited test laboratory Anecto now offer a full suite of tests for Luer taper and conical lock fittings.
Procedures employed by Anecto are in compliance with ISO 594-1, ISO 594-2, EN 1707 and EN 20594-1. All gauges used have ISO17025 traceable calibration. Other assembly and pressure test equipment used offer repeatable testing.
“It is amazing how many Luer fittings fail such straightforward but vital tests. Anecto can identify these failures quickly at the early stages of your device design process. This allows adequate time for your Luer manufacturer to make the necessary updates to eliminate future failures.”
Anecto also offer the most comprehensive test support and design services in Europe for ISO 11607.