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RRC provides highest energy density solution in two similar shaped battery packs

Standard Li-Ion battery pack RRC2057 and the RRC2054 in the RRC-SMB-UBC battery charger

Utilizing an identical form factor and providing the same energy content, RRC has designed two battery packs that share the same plastic housing while offering different voltages and capacities. These are the latest Li-Ion battery packs from RRC power solutions which combine the highest energy density in the smallest package.

One of the battery packs is the RRC2057, designed as a 2s2p configuration, provides 48 Wh of energy at 7.5 V and 6400 mAh. The RRC2054 has the same energy content (48Wh) and has a voltage of 15 V and a capacity of 3200 mAh in a 4s1p configuration. Both packs are compatible with SMBus and SBDS in accordance with the specification Rev 1.1.

The batteries meet the JEITA standard and have PSE approval, so they can be easily exported to Japan. Extensive approvals and registration with international recycling systems allow uncomplicated worldwide use. Another benefit are the UL Approvals, UL 1642 and UL 2054, which allow these battery packs to be used directly in applicable medical devices. Sophisticated technologies such as TI Impedance tracking makes calibration unnecessary. Cell Balancing also increases battery life. Multilevel protection circuits and safety systems are standard as well.

Using these batteries in combination with our Universal SMBus battery charger RRC-SMB-UBC allows all of RRC standard batteries to be recharged quickly and efficiently.