Scintillant® Surgical Light -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


JEB Engineering Design Ltd.

Scintillant® Surgical Light

JEB is proud to be accompanied by Engineering Medical Solutions Co. LLC (EMEDSCO) at the Compamed show. As part of the JEB group of companies, EMEDSCO will be introducing the Scintillant® Surgical Light to the European market. Daniel Coppersmith, Sales Manager for EMEDSCO will be on the stand to answer all enquiries.
The Scintillant Surgical Light is FDA approved CE approval to follow.
The Scintillant® Surgical Light provides a whole new level of agility for procedures that require brilliant illumination of even the deepest surgical sites. The flexible, stable light wand and ergonomic handle is available in three different configurations. The lighting unit can also attach and conform to many existing OR instruments and suction devices. Conveniently designed and packaged for one-time use, the battery-powered Scintillant® Surgical Light is sterile and untethered, providing intense LED lighting inside the surgical sight.