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Student Designs Novel Tool

A new tool will help researchers in laboratories improve the precision of their findings. The tool drops chromosomes exactly where there need to be on a slide. Consequently called "Chromosome Dropper Tool" by its inventor, the new device eases challenges of today’s chromosomal analysis, which involves research using genes, embryo, clone and stem cells to help diagnose medical conditions, said Yunyan Qu, a physician assistant student at Central Michigan University who created the tool.

“It is hard to be consistent, efficient, and produce quality results when dropping chromosomes on a slide by hand,” Qu said. “My professors taught me the importance of accuracy and have pushed me to think more innovatively.”

And that is what led Qu to invent this tool, which enables a technician to drop chromosomes exactly where he needs them to be on the slide. In this way, according to Qu, it is possible to produce more efficient results because the angle is always accurate, and the tool is flexible to allow a change of degree, spot location or height.

Laboratory technicians can easily be trained to use the tool which, so the inventor, also could create more efficiency in the laboratory as a whole. “This tool improves the quality of our research results and that will have a positive impact in the field,” said Thom Saunders, a research assistant professor at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.; Quelle: Central Michigan University