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Colorful nano-guides to the liver

Dear Sir or Madam,

"Please follow the blue line to the kidney or the yellow line to the liver" – this is not exactly how drug transport in the body works. But researchers from Jena, Germany, are getting close: They have developed nano-transporters using different dyes that bind to specific cells in specific organs before they release their active ingredient. Read our news to learn more about dyed particles that both find their way on their own and show that they have reached their destination.

This is the last Newsletter from the COMPAMED editorial team in 2014. You can read the next issue in January 2015 – with more content and news about research and business in medical technology and the suppliers’ industry.

See you next year,

Timo Roth
Editorial team


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Japanese voices of COMPAMED


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Our editorial team visits far-east at COMPAMED: How do Japanese exhibitors experience the tradefair for suppliers?
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Japanese voices of COMPAMED
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Bioelectronic interfaces: “The shape of the electrode plays a big and important role“ talks about...

Graphic: Electrodes for bioelectric interfaces
Knowing what holds the world together at its core – in some ways, medicine also pursues this dream when it seeks to measure ever more precisely what happens in our bodies. In the future, bioelectronic interfaces, whose electrodes are able to communicate with individual cells, could play a big role in this.
Read more in our interview!
Bioelectric interfaces
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From cicada to implant – bionic-inspired materials research


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Infection protection has many facets. Metals with antibacterial effects are one of them for some years now. Nanostructured surfaces that kill bacteria are a younger development. Prof. Manfred Köller from the German university hospital Berufsgenossenschaftliches Universitätsklinikum Bergmannsheil in Bochum explains in our video how nanopillars destroy bacteria. We also ask Prof. Alfred Ludwig from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum how theses pillars are grown on titanium tiles in his lab and what cicada wings have to do with this.
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Bionic-inspired materials research
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Bionics - learning from nature


Photo: Water dripping off of a lotus leaf
Bionics are committed to rebuild natural phenomena with technical means and to use them as basis for new technologies. Already Leonardo da Vinci looked to the flight of birds for inspiration which he could use to build his flying machines. Today's medical technology takes nature as a model as well to develop new prosthetics that are based on the movements of animals or to find impulses for the development of surgical instruments.
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Bionics - learning from nature
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Analog SMF3100 mass flow meter for artificial respiration

Photo: Mass flow meter from Sensirion
Sensirion’s new flow sensor is small, accurate and fast and can be easily integrated into existing devices. A temperature sensor in the gas channel of the flow meter enables highly precise temperature compensation. The SFM3100 can also detect negative flow ranges, thereby recognizing errors or impeded flows in a reliable manner. The SFM3100 is suitable for inspiration applications as well as for mixing oxygen and air.
More about the Sensirion mass flow meter

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