CueSee® Ringe The Future of Blood Gas Controls -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Eurotrol B.V.

CueSee® Ringe The Future of Blood Gas Controls

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An innovative, patented packaging concept by Eurotrol that will modernize the in vitro diagnositc market. A special glass ampoule is sealed inside the CueSee® Ringe device. This ampoule breaks with a simple turning motion without the risk of cutting fingers on glass particles or coming into contact with the liquid. After this activation step, the CueSee® Ringe functions identically to a standard syringe. The liquid inside the ampoule is not deteriorated by environmental contamination, which reduces pre-analytical errors. This concept is ideal for solutions typically stored in ampules for quality control, calibration verification, proficiency testing, competency assessment, method validations, and lot comparisons.

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