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Surgaid Medical (Xiamen) Co., Ltd

Double Medical Won The Xiamen Top Ten New Economic Influential Enterprises

On September 8, 2020, under the guidance of the Organization Department of the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee, the Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone Management Committee, the Municipal High-level Talent Development Center, and the Xiamen Daily News jointly organized the selection of Xiamen Talent Enterprise Rankings. The award ceremony was held at the Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center. Our company was successfully selected as "Xiamen's Top Ten New Economic Influential Enterprises".

This year's "Xiamen Talent Enterprise List" selection focuses on the new economy, focusing on mining companies and young talents that lead the development of the industry, and tapping new kinetic energy of "three highs" enterprises to promote the release of innovation driving force in the new economy industry and play its exemplary and leading role. As a leading enterprise in the domestic medical device field, Double Medical is also one of the “three highs” enterprises supported by Xiamen City. This award once again proves the company's outstanding innovation and industry's outstanding influence. 

With this honor, Double Medical will continue to accelerate the pace of enterprise development in the future and provide strong support for the development of the new economy in Xiamen. Strive to build a national brand that can compete with multinational giants, and contribute to the realization of import substitution, reducing the national medical burden, and revitalizing the national medical device industry.

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