Encapsulation in Medical Cable Assemblies -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Novara Technologies Ltd

Encapsulation in Medical Cable Assemblies

It is often necessary to encapsulate electronic circuits and sensors in medical cable assemblies to offer protection from accidental damage and tampering. The product's size, reliability, ingress protection requirements, appearance and feel, as well as the development time and tooling costs, are frequently used to choose the best method for encapsulation. Conformal coating, potting, and overmoulding are common processing methods, but they can be resource-intensive and frequently use hazardous chemicals.

Novara Technologies have recently invested in low pressure moulding technology, a low-cost encapsulation method. Whereas traditional injection moulding requires high pressures and temperatures which could damage delicate electronic circuitry, low pressure moulding utilises high performance thermoplastic materials which can be processed at lower pressures and temperatures with reduced cycle times and using lower cost tooling.  This method provides complete sealing and provides advanced resistance against mechanical stress, temperature, vibration, impact, moisture and other environmental factors, an ideal combination for custom medical cable assemblies.

With our extensive experience of medical cable assemblies, Novara provide assistance with material selection, design and manufacturing for overmoulding applications, whether it's a connector strain relief on a reusable medical cable or a wearable device which could be worn for long periods of time.

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