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Oehm und Rehbein GmbH

Fight against Covid-19

Fight against Covid-19: Rostock-based company supplies mobile and portable X-ray equipment all over the worldThe Rostock company OR Technology has recorded a significant increase in sales of mobile X-ray equipment in recent months.Fighting the corona virus: Mobile and portable X-ray systems made in Germany by OR Technology help to provide fast and best possible diagnosticsaround the globe. Orders for mobile X-ray solutions have multiplied several times over. Deliveries were made, for example, to Vietnam, Luxembourg, Portugal, South Africa, Ghana and Trinidad & Tobago, in order to expand the diagnostic capacity in the corona crisis there."With this X-ray systems, the challenges of the pandemic can be masteredbetter," saysManaging Director Bernd Oehm. "In a few seconds, excellent pulmonary images of a suspected Covid-19 patient can be obtained. Our lightweight complete solution Amadeo M-DR mini, for example, is suitable for outdoor use as well as for bed imaging in hospitals or nursing homes".The system is of advanced design. All necessary components such as X-ray detector, X-ray generator and image processing station are combined in one system.The user is supported by a practical X-ray assistant. The Amadeo M-DR mini enables wireless digital X-rays of the entire body trunk. The X-ray solution is brought directly to the patientpreventinglong waiting times in crowded hospitals.In less than two minutes, the unit is set up and ready for use. Transport and operation can be carried out by one person. The integrated diagnostic software ensures a worldwide and fast exchange of information via cloud or e-mail.This saves a lot of time and transport costs.In the case of a temporary power interruption, the device can still be used to takeX-rayimages.The compact X-ray unit is simple and easy to move. Stowed together, it is easy to transport and even fits into a station wagon. Steps and uneven terrain are no obstacle. The wheels allow easy 360-degree rotation when folded, which makes it much easier to handlein confined spaces such as elevators.

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