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RRC power solutions GmbH

Power Package vor ventilators

In order to drive new product developments in the shortest possible time, RRC power solutions now offers an immediately available solution for the necessary portable power supply: the Power-Package for ventilators.

The Package provides several benefits:
As the contained RRC standard batteries are approved worldwide, they are usable every-where in the world. Many well-known medical device manufacturers already rely on the RRC standard battery packs.

Normally it takes several years to develop a medical device and find the right portable power supply, RRC standard batteries can be used without additional development time and costs. Furthermore the batteries are developed and tested to the highest standards (ISO13485 + FDA QS.Reg 820) and provide a high performance.

"After the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and the urgent requests from our custom-ers, we have done everything to prioritize and increase the production capacities of these products in all our factories" says Gerhard Ruffing, CEO of RRC power solutions GmbH.

RRC already delivers the majority of ventilator batteries to manufacturers worldwide and the demand of these customers has multiplied in recent days. It turns out that the high demand does not only concern ventilators, but also many product-related medical devices, such as CPAP devices or medical beds.

In addition to the matching RRC standard battery, the data package also includes complete data to design-in the products as well as optional charging infrastructure. In addition RRC has its own appli-cation support team, which is always available for advice and assistance.

All those who are now looking for a fast and future-proof solution in the field of portable power supply and require the Power-Package for their application can contact the company directly at sales@rrc-ps.de

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