SYnAbs ink strategic agreement on epigenetics -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


SYnAbs S.A.

SYnAbs ink strategic agreement on epigenetics

SYnabs and Belgian Volition SRL are proud to announce the signature of a strategic collaborative agreement. As part of this ambitious 28-months project supported with funding from the Walloon Region, the two Walloon companies have planned the generation of innovative Nu.Q® immunoassays, targeting 16 new epigenetic biomarkers.

Within this consortium, Volition will identify the biomarkers of interest - epigenetic modifications of histones and DNA, histone variants or proteins associated with nucleosomes - and combine them to increase the sensitivity and clinical specificity of its non-invasive Nu.Q® assays.

SYnAbs' proprietary DNA immunization and rat immune tolerance disruption technologies will allow the generation of highly specific monoclonal antibodies against epigenetic modifications on circulating nucleosomes.

The combined expertise of the two companies will result in the precise quantification of these biomarkers to ensure the early diagnosis and monitoring of the efficacy of oncology treatments, in both humans and animals.

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