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Shell-Case and corpuls celebrate more than a decade of partnership

November 12, 2021, Düsseldorf, Germany Shell-Case Ltd, the leading global designer and manufacturer of unique, tailor-made professional carrying solutions for medical devices, is excited to continue its long and fruitful relationship with corpuls, a leading developer and builder of extremely robust and sophisticated devices for preclinical and clinical cardiotherapy. 

This successful partnership, launched in 2010, began with the development, design, and ultimately manufacturing of a high-functioning, absolutely unique carrying case for corpuls1 defibrillators.

Corpuls originally turned to Shell-Case to create a new case for its defibrillator in line with exceptionally rigid demands in terms of quality, durability, and performance. Beyond protecting the device, corpuls wanted it to be an integral part of the device, and as such required that the case demonstrate the same ruggedness as the device itself, with resistance to shock, wear-and-tear, disinfectants, and more. It also needed the case to be compact, aesthetical, accessible, easy to clean, and easy to use.

Shell-Case went with a hybrid construction for the carrying case combining materials like injected nylon, thermoforming of EVA with TPU coating, polyester fabrics, polyamide, textiles, and aluminum. Special features like a foldable foot and a holder for shock paddles were also added to improve the device’s usability, particularly under emergency field conditions.

Since the tremendous success of this project, corpuls has continued to turn to Shell-Case as its go-to partner for carrying solutions for its devices, including most recently a new AED carrying case. This thermoform coated case adheres to the design of the device, for a clean aesthetic look while offering the ultimate level of protection. It also has space for spare electrodes storage, status indication, and easy access to battery replacement.

“Although it’s true our business is ultimately about creating carrying cases, our goal is more than that,” says Eyal Bar Erez, CTO of Shell-Case. “We actually aim to enhance the device usage. So while corpuls initially needed a case for its defibrillator, which we provided, we extended performance by adding small but significant details like various adapters for different sensors, foldable support-legs for better viewing of the monitor from the operational position, and the usage of a magnet for quick and secure closure.”

This attention to detail and enhancement of each device, in fact, is what keeps corpuls coming back to Shell-Case when new carrying solutions are required.

“The Shell-Case team responded in a timely fashion and with great flexibility to the changing requests from our side,” says Robert Gerlach, Product Manager at corpuls. “Our experience working with Shell-Case has been very positive. As such we’re happy to continue working with Shell-Case on other projects today, and would definitely recommend them to others.”

About Shell-Case

Shell-Case serves leading medical and electronic product manufacturers across the globe. Established in 2008, and certified to ISO 13485, the company has an R&D center in Israel, manufacturing facilities in China, representation in the US and Germany, and logistics facilities in the US and the Netherlands.

About corpus

corpuls | GS Elektromedizinische Geräte G. Stemple GmbH is a medical device developer and manufacturer focusing on pre-hospital care. Founded in 1982 by Mr. Günter Stemple, the company, located in Kaufering Germany, currently employees 400 people. One of the most innovative and internationally renowned enterprises, its award-winning medical equipment, proudly labelled as “Made in Germany”, saves millions of lives around the globe. Over the years corpuls received numerous awards for its cutting-edge technology and innovation.


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