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Basic Information

Participation fees and other charges

The following net participation fees have been set for COMPAMED 2020. Prices apply as per square metre of floor space.

Row stand (1 side open): € 246.00/m²
Corner stand (2 sides open): € 256.00/m²
End of block stand (3 sides open): € 261.00/m²
Island site (4 sides open): € 268.00/m²

Stand construction:
(for cancellation conditions see Section 5 of the General Conditions of Participation)
System stand type D1:
Row stand (1 side open): € 98.00/m²
Corner stand (2 sides open): € 98.00/m²
System stand type P1:
Row stand (1 side open): € 117.00/m²
Corner stand (2 sides open): € 117.00/m²
System stand type S3:
Row stand (1 side open): € 131.00/m²
Corner stand (2 sides open): € 131.00/m²

Co-exhibitor fee: € 900.00
(Fee for possible displays and presentations)

Withdrawal fee before admission: € 860.00

Media fee: € 485.00

Additional exhibitor passes: € 45.38/each
Includes validity as a public transport ticket to and from the Düsseldorf Trade Fair Center free of charge on Rheinbahn, Rhine-Ruhr Regional Transport Network routes (VRR, 2nd class, trains without additional fees in fare zone D, Region South/Süd) and Rhine-Sieg Regional Transport Network routes (VRS, 2nd class, trains without additional fees).

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