Questions & answers about application 2021 -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

1. 1. Will MEDICA and COMPAMED 2021 be held?

1.1. What happens if we apply/ have applied and decide now or later that we do not wish to participate in MEDICA and COMPAMED 2021 due to the effects of Covid-19?

1.2. What happens if MEDICA and COMPAMED take place as a hybrid events and we cancel our participation, because immediately before or after the trade fair period our entry into Germany and / or our return to our country of origin is impossible due to official travel restrictions (ban on entry or exit) or is made considerably more difficult by official quarantine requirements?

1.3. What happens if we apply/have applied and the events are called off due to administrative bans?

2. 2. What happens if we apply/have applied and Messe Düsseldorf decides to not hold the events and/or to hold them as purely digital/virtual formats?