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Further development of CleanFlex® programme

The new CleanFlex® product range for flexible clean room packaging advances continuously. In cooperation with our customers of the medical and pharmaceutical branch additional products could be adopted to the CleanFlex® portfolio.

Besides the established packaging, such as flat- and tubular film, flat- and side-gusseted-bags, double or triple bags and bottle-shaped bags the product range covers also high-barrier-laminated-bags on reels or as three-side-sealed bags, produced under clean room conditions. Newly implemented is the production of transparent high-barrier-laminations, which let the operator verify the content optically due to the absence of aluminium. An important advantage in case of inspection of quality and optical cleanliness of the bulk product.

Also the group of Sterilisable Tyvek® / HDPE- or LDPE-bags has developed to a real convenient packaging, because of enhancements as Easy-Tear or full-sized peel-effect as opening support. Ready-to-use and suitable for sterilisation via water vapour, ethylene oxide or plasma.

All packaging materials are manufactured in accordance to clean room conditions of class 5 of DIN EN ISO 14644-1, which is comparable to class 100 of FED-Standard. That includes the extrusion of films, the conversion of bags and the possibility to equip the packaging with an individual printing. Additionally the possibility to realise further sealing or cuttings is onsite for tailor-made packaging solutions for customer-specific containment systems.

Thanks to our CleanFlex® concept the “clean room chain” remains uninterrupted from the production of the packaging till the application of the clean product by the end-user, so that the cleanliness of the product is kept. Let CleanFlex® also thrill you and contact us.