PulseFlow Announces strategic partnership with Kir-Fix -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


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PulseFlow Announces strategic partnership with Kir-Fix

Last week COO Dan Blackman was in Helsinki where he shared the platform with Henri Isojärvi as PulseFlow announced their strategic partnership with Kir-Fix to supply the PulseFlow wearable technology across Finland. 
Kir-Fix was established in Helsinki in 1992.  They supply hospitals, health centers, private clinicians and importantly directly to the patients.  They share the same goals as PulseFlow aiming to get their patients ambulant as quickly and safely as possible so that they can return to as normal a life as possible. Like PulseFlow, they invest a great deal in research and they assess products with Finnish specialists in healthcare.
Dan said of the relationship…” The strategic fit between PulseFlow and Kir-Fix is as close at one can imagine.  We both want the best for our patients and we both work closely with our clinical colleagues to achieve the best outcomes for them.  Kir-Fix have seen the products and recognised the benefits of our wearable technology.  They want to bring those benefits to their customers as quickly as possible and we are delighted to be working with them to achieve that”.
The Nordic Diabetic Foot Symposium has been running biennially since 2014.  Their aims in diabetic foot care align closely with PulseFlow’s, actively promoting and supporting the implementation of best practice in the treatment of diabetic foot care across the Nordic countries.

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