Surgery: precise incisions with microwave plasma -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Surgery: precise incisions with microwave plasma

Interview with Prof. Holger Heuermann, Institute for Microwave and Plasma Technology, University of Applied Sciences Aachen, Germany


Image: Smiling man with short grey-black hair - Prof. Holger Heuermann; Copyright: René Heß

Prof. Holger Heuermann; ©René Heß

Image: Incision with coagulated edges in a piece of meat; Copyright: FH Aachen

The incisions made with a plasma scalpel are not as fine as with a high-frequency scalpel, yet; ©FH Aachen

Image: A metal cylinder with a small blue-white flame coming from its tip; Copyright: FH Aachen

The plasma's electrons oscillate in the microwave range. This means they penetrate the tissue much less as in common plasmas; ©FH Aachen

Photo: Timo Roth; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann