Interviews 2020 -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Overview: Interviews 2020

Picture: Graphic of a healthy and a diseased bone; Copyright: PantherMedia / eranicle

Nanofibers boost bone repair


There is hope for anyone who breaks an arm or suffers from severe osteoporosis. Lab-created targeted bone regeneration therapy promises to help in the future. An EU-funded joint research project is currently studying new ways to promote faster bone healing.
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Picture: Golden button on black frame - a sensor; Copyright: Georg Pfusterschmied

One sensor for different liquids


It is small but mighty. We are talking about a sensor that was developed at the Vienna University of Technology by Dr. Georg Pfusterschmied. Its use is not limited to medical technology but also includes applications in the automotive industry and winemaking.
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Picture: A column filled with water against a red background at COMPAMED 2019; Copyright: beta-web/Ernst

COMPAMED: "Networking and making new connections is very easy"


COMPAMED 2019 took place a few weeks ago, but it is still having a powerful impact not least because many exhibitors are already planning their next trade fair visit. We sat down with Nils Kerlin to talk about the innovations his company showcased at COMPAMED and found out what makes this trade fair so interesting for his company.
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Image: White filament on a violet roll; Copyright: Evonik

COMPAMED: "We had many visitors that stopped by at our stand"


November 2019 marked the first time Evonik was an exhibitor at COMPAMED. We met up with Dr. Philip Engel, Business Development Manager Medical Systems Segment and asked how the company measured its trade fair success.
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Image: Two men are working with a model of the human skull in the lab; Copyright: WHZ/Helge Gerischer

Sensor technology: sensitive spatula protects the brain


Brain surgery is arguably the most complex procedure in the operating room as surgeons can quickly cause unintentional damage. The culprit are not just surgical cuts (incisions) a surgeon needs to actively make, but might also be passively used instruments. This includes spatula-like retractors used to manipulate tissue and/or hold it in place.
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