Interviews 2021 -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Overview: Interviews 2021

Image: conventional and unconventional antiferromagnets looking like balloons and dumbbells; Copyright: Libor Šmejkal

Antiferromagnets: "Our discovery is real and proven"


The Hall effect – discovered in 19th century – refers to a deflection of electrons from straight trajectories in an applied magnetic field. When the material is ferromagnetic, this deflection is much stronger and is present even without the external magnetic field. These transverse electronic states are moving without dissipation, so the electrons do not lose energy.
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Image: The sensor in a black box with green label; Copyright: monilog by SMT ELEKTRONIK

Sensor Technology: "We always try to create tailor-made solutions for our customer’s product"


At virtual.COMPAMED, Dr. Ronny Leuschner from SMT ELEKTRONIK GmbH gave a presentation to illustrate how unique sensor technology helps prevent medical device failure. We had a conversation with him about the subject.
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Image: a book with the word

Patent Rights at Virtual.COMPAMED 2020: "Companies recognize their social responsibility"


At the virtual.COMPAMED, Dr. Robert Harrison talked about "Patent Rights – Facilitating, not Hindering, Corona Solution". We inquired about the points that were especially important to him and asked how he felt about the first virtual.COMPAMED.
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Image: 3D-structure of a bone; Copyright: iba Heiligenstadt e.V.

3D-Scaffolds: "You can use all structures to create all kinds of implant geometries"


Using 3D lithography via two-photon polymerisation of biodegradable copolymers, 3D scaffolds with substructures on a micrometre scale were produced for the first time. The process will open up new possibilities in the therapy of cartilage-bone defects. We talked to Prof. Dr. Klaus Liefeith about the topic.
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Image: a skeleton with a tube that glows purple; Copyright: Johannes Knaus/THU

Farther than the eye can see: disinfecting light


Light illuminates darkness…but it can do so much more. In healthcare and medical technology, light therapy has long been used to treat a variety of skin conditions or to disinfect rooms. Two new projects at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences (TH Ulm), led by Professor Martin Hessling, now study how light can effectively kill germs like viruses and bacteria.
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