Pumps: small helpers for big technology -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Pumps: small helpers for big technology

Image:micro-degasifier by Fraunhofer; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

At COMPAMED, Fraunhofer EMFT will present its self-sufficient micro-degasifier. The integrated silicon micromembrane pump can build up high vacuum pressures of up to -55 kPa and remove gas bubbles and dissolved gas from liquids.

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Image:  monitoring system for drug delivery by Fraunhofer; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

Together with the Swiss sensor manufacturer Sensirion, Fraunhofer EMFT is developing an intelligent and cost-effective microdosing system for monitored drug delivery. It is extremely small and can be used to counteract cross flows and extravasation.

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Image: MIKROAUG by Fraunhofer; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

In cooperation with ophthalmologists, DUALIS Medtech GmbH and other companies, Fraunhofer EMFT has developed a concept for an implantable pump system as part of the BMBF funding project MIKROAUG. It is intended to permanently regulate intraocular pressure and help in the treatment of eye diseases such as glaucoma or phthise.

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Image: TUDOS, drug dosage system by Fraunhofer; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

TUDOS is a drug dosage system developed by several Fraunhofer Institutes. Based on a tiny silicon pump chip, it is no bigger than a matchbox. It is to be used primarily for the treatment of diabetes, pain and tumors.

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Image: vacuum pump by KNF Neuberger; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

The new N 816 vacuum pump from KNF Neuberger GmbH can be used to professionally dispose of liquid sample waste. It uses the indirect method by means of a collection container.

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Image: new nanoliter dosing system by Fraunhofer; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

At COMPAMED 2017, Fraunhofer EMFT is presenting a new microdosing system for the controlled dosing of very small liquid quantities. Two piezoelectrically driven silicon micromembrane pumps form the core of the system. The results can be documented via a microcontroller, the micropumps can be controlled and the desired target flow rate can be set.

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Image: Precision pump EC by Schwarzer Precision; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

Precision pumps from Schwarzer Precision can be used as pressure and/or vacuum pumps. They have an extremely tight pump head and are resistant to aggressive gases. This series includes both the world's smallest micropump SP 100 EC and the powerful SP 700 EC unit.

Hall 8a / M09

Image: liquid pump EC-L by Schwarzer Precision; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

Although the liquid pumps from Schwarzer Precision are very small, they provide enormous performance. They can be used as both pressure and self-priming vacuum pumps and are highly resistant to aggressive liquids.

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Image: linear pump by Schwarzer Precision; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

The linear pumps from Schwarzer Precision are driven by an electromagnet. Due to the long service life achieved, they are ideal for continuous operation. The pumps are available as pressure types (D) and as vacuum/pressure types (VD).

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Image: vane pump by Schwarzer Precision; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

Schwarzer Precision manufactures the world's smallest vane pumps. They are not only very light, but also have extremely low power consumption, making them particularly suitable for portable devices.

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Image: Pivot diaphragm pump by Schwarzer Precision; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

Pivot diaphragm pumps from Schwarzer Precision utilize the force-enhancing effect of a mechanical lever to build up high pressure in the pump head. The lever drives two oval diaphragms alternately. The high-volume flow rate prevents the intake of foreign air.

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Image: micropumps by HNP; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

The micropumps of the magnetically hermetic series from HNP Mikrosysteme are particularly suitable for conveying crystallizing, air-sensitive and moisture-sensitive media. They have a media-separating can that surrounds the magnetic drive.

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Image: new modular pump mzr-11540 by HNP; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

Micro annular gear pump mzr-11540 of the modular pump series operates with high dynamics, low pulsation and excellent precision in delivery as well as high repeatability in metering. The pump of HNP Mikrosysteme is suitable for low to high viscosity liquids and a differential pressure of up to 10 bar.

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