Product highlights -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Product highlights COMPAMED 2018

Image: Ceramic bone; Copyright: beta-web/Petig

At COMPAMED 2018, the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS will present the combination of lithiography-based ceramic manufacturing (LCM) and conventional processes.. It enables the production of patient-specific bone implants. Once inserted into the body, tissue can grow through them.

Hall 8a / F35

Image: Cortec Brain Interchange; Copyright: beta-web/Petig

CorTec Brain Interchange is a closed-loop technology for measuring and stimulating brain activity in long-term use. CorTec Brain Interchange controls itself: After successful stimulation, the system analyses the feedback of the brain in real time. On this basis, it calculates its further activities.

Hall 8a / h29

Image: 35mm camera module from ams Sensors Germany; Copyright: beta-web/Petig

ams Sensors Germany presents a 35 mm camera module at the tradefair, which with a size of 1x1 mm provides clear and sharp images in a compact size. The sensor can be used for invasive internal views and shows a fluid video to clinicians working in areas such as endoscopy and laparoscopy.

Hall 8a / h23

Image: Enteral dosing pump by Thomas Magnete; Copyright: beta-web/Petig

Carefil is an enteral dosing pump from Thomas Magnete, which was developed in cooperation with users. This should make it particularly user-friendly to use.

Hall 8a / F39

Image: MediCoat BCC by Sono-Tek Corporation; Copyright: beta-web/Petig

The MediCoat DES4000 is a full coating system for applying anti-restenosis drug polymer coatings onto implantable cardiac stents.

Hall 8b / F41

Image: Differential pressure sensor from Sensirion AG ; Copyright: beta-web/Petig

Sensirion AG introduces the SDP3x, the world's smallest differential pressure sensor. It measures 5mm x 8mm x 5mm and thus opens up countless new integration and application possibilities. The sensor is based on the next generation of CMOSens sensor chips and is the heart of Sensirion's new sensor platform for measuring differential pressure and mass flow.

Hall 8a / H19

Image: Snapsil by MULTIVAC; Copyright: beta-web/Petig

With Snapsil, MULTIVAC presents a new packaging concept for medical and pharmaceutical products that is suitable for packaging products such as syringes, tablets, plasters, injectors or catheters. With their integrated "snap opening" function, Snapsil packs offer an innovative opening aid, making the packs easier to use even for older people or people with disabilities.

Hall 8a / H01

Image: FOX30-XM by FRIWO; Copyright: beta-web/Petig

This description fits FRIWO's medical power supplies in two respects. The device series such as the FOX30-XM, for example, set standards both in terms of performance and resistance. After all, the maximum safety of patients and medical staff is what counts here.

Hall 8a / M03

Image: PTFE nonwoven composites from Zeus; Copyright: beta-web/Petig

Bioweb is Zeus' proprietary PTFE electrospinning technology to create a microporous form for implantation within the body. These non-woven PTFE composites excel as a scaffold, stent covering, or implantable structure. Available as a sheet or membrane, Bioweb gives physicians a new avenue to achieve state-of-the-art device encapsulation.

Hall 8b / K27

Image: XPRINT by ALFASERVICE SRL; Copyright: beta-web/Petig

XPRINT is the new generation in high resolution digital printing covering all needs in coding and marking directly on the packaging lines where the highest reaction speed is demanded.

Hall 8a / R04