Product highlights at COMPAMED 2019 -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Product highlights at COMPAMED 2019

Image: J750 Digital Anatomy 3D-Printer; Copyright: beta-web/Koller

Medical institutions can produce 3D anatomical models that replicate the feel of human tissue with the new 3D-printer by Stratasys.

Halle 8b / N02

Image: Tubes by Dunn Industries; Copyright: beta-web/Koller

Dunn Industries provides a wide array of medical tubing solutions.

Halle 8a /F12

Image: Packaging machine by A&D; Copyright: beta-web/Koller

The packaging machine from A&D Verpackungsmaschinenbau GmbH offers tailor-made machines for a wide range of applications.

Halle 8a / E04

Image: Components by Loew Präzisionstechnik; Copyright: beta-web/Koller

The components from LOEW Präzisionsteile GmbH offer tailor-made solutions for innovative machines.

Hall 8a / D16

Image: X-ray camera module by Axsun Technologies; Copyright: beta-web/Petig

Axsun Technologies presents optical lightening systems for medical technology and the first 1Kx1K-CMOS-X-ray camera module.

Hall 8a/F04

Image: Packaging by Mecapack; Copyright: beta-web/Koller

Mecapack machines can be used to produce packaging for a wide range of medical products and individual parts.

Hall 8b / G10b

Image: Modular footswitch by Herga Technology ; Copyright: beta-web/Koller

The new modular footswitch system from Herga Technology enables simple and flexible handling thanks to an electric and multi-pedal footswitch.

Hall 8a/M13

Image: Plastic Components by Muroplás; Copyright: beta-web/Koller

The plastic components by Muroplás - Indústria de Plásticos are used in many different ways in medical technology.

Hall 8a /F26

Bild: Filling station by Gaedigk and CETA; Copyright: beta-web/Koller

CETA and Gaedigk offer a filling station for ampoules and bottles.

Hall 8a/L25

Image: Helix pump by the Parker Hannifin Corporation Instrumentation Group; Copyright: beta-web/Koller

Parker is presenting its latest products at this year's COMPAMED, including the Helix pump, suitable for point-of-care treatment, especially in confined rooms.

Hall 8a/M15