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Interactive implants

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Microelectronic medical implants are becoming increasingly important in various areas. In the application field of active implants, the focus is on the impulses that are delivered to the wearer's heart, hearing or electronic prosthesis. At the Fraunhofer IBMT, research is currently being conducted into how these implants can become even smaller and perhaps even be controlled from outside the body. In our video: Networks of interactive implants, Roman Ruff tells us more.

PS: Michael Klenk told us in an interview how Marposs GmbH experienced COMPAMED 2021 and what was missing without presence fairs.

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Anne Hofmann
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Interview: Expectations have been fulfilled
Video: Networks of interactive implants
Special: Bionics
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COMPAMED 2021: Expectations have been fulfilled

COMPAMED talks about ...

Image: Product control station; Copyright: Marposs S.p.A.
Finally being able to welcome visitors personally at the trade fair stand again and present products face to face. Many exhibitors have wished for exactly that, including Michael Klenk from the company Marposs GmbH. spoke with him after the trade fair and asked about his experiences.
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COMPAMED 2021: Expectations have been fulfilled
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Networks of interactive implants: Developments in communication and energy transmission


Photo: Preview picture of the video
Active implants can be used to monitor various bodily functions. They can also send impulses to the heart, hearing or electrical prostheses. At the same time, they are becoming smaller and smaller - and, if possible, will soon be supplied with energy from outside the body.
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Networks of interactive implants: Developments in communication and energy transmission
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Bionics: The merging of biology and technology


Image: a glass dome from below, its struts look like a spider's web; Copyright: PantherMedia / Nina Schwab
Bionics looks to nature's principles and translates them into technical applications. Easier said than done. After all, where can you find the right ideas to emulate nature and apply biological methods and systems? And once they find them, how do modern companies incorporate them in their development process to create a successful product?
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Bionics: The merging of biology and technology
Bionics: The solution to the problem may already exist
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