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03/16/2020: Sensor for liquids


Interview: One sensor for different liquids News: Improving 'smart' composites for biomedical sensors; News: Chip for liquid biopsy to detect prostate cancer; News: Improving carbon-nanotube-based fibers
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02/17/2020: Sustainable medical technology


Special: Sustainable medical technology; Interview: Nanofibers boost bone repair; News: Diabetes: coin-sized smart insulin patch; News: Wearable: gas sensor for health and environmental monitoring; News: Making 3-D printing smarter with machine learning; News: Handheld 3D printer for severe burns
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01/15/2020: Sensitive spatula for surgery


Interview: Sensor technology: sensitive spatula protects the brain; News: Machine learning shapes microwaves for a computer's eyes; News: New production method for carbon nanotubes; News: Ultrafast reaction of superfluid helium triggerd by extreme ultraviolet laser pulses; News: Robotic trunk support assists those with spinal cord injury
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12/16/2019: One look back and then forward


Video: COMPAMED 2019 - Meeting point for today's medical technology suppliers; News: Materials: a robot and software make it easier to create polymers; News: Treatment for brain tumors uses electrospun fiber; News: Studying the structure of self-organizing materials; News: Reducing risk in AI and machine learning-based medical technology
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11/15/2019: COMPAMED 2019 - Soon it starts!


Special: COMPAMED 2019; Video: Environmental Stress Cracks: Danger for plastic components in medical technology; News: Bone: dissolving screws; News: Wearable: Kirigami inspires new method for sensors; News: Smart watch: a stretchable stopwatch lights up human skin
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