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06/14/2022: LED wound dressings for chronic wounds


Video: LED wound dressings for chronic wounds; News:Imaging: World's first measurement of magnetic-field-dependent stimulated emission; News: Improving mineral exploration efficiency in Europe; News: 3D printed, bioinspired heart valves
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05/31/2022: Innovative technologies for neurological applications


COMPAMED Innovation Forum 2022; News: Multi-tasking wearable continuously monitors glucose, alcohol, and lactate; Interview: Sensor technology: sensitive spatula protects the brain; Video: Dr. Thomas R. Dietrich from IVAM about the COMPAMED Innovation Forum 2022
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05/17/2022: Smart materials and fabric-based muscles


Interview: Fabric-based muscles; Special: Smart materials and plastics; News: Plug-and-play: Organ-on-a-chip can be customized to the patient; News: Quantum one-way street in topological insulator nanowires; News: AI framework discovered new shape memory alloy; News: Addition to the microdisplay family; News: Rice "metalens" could disrupt vacuum UV market
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04/19/2022: Extra sharp imaging


Video: Extra sharp imaging for medicine: Camera concept with neutrons; Interview: Disinfection with light fights viruses and bacteria; News: A new laser scanning microscope improves cancer cell detection; News: First stretchable micro-LED display developed; News: New type of ultraviolet light makes indoor air as safe as outdoors; News: Replace cartilage with bio-ink;
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03/15/2022: Interactive implants


Special: Bionics: The merging of biology and technology; Interview: Expectations have been fulfilled; Video: Networks of interactive implants; News: Organ-on-chip system enables monitoring of 3D tumour tissue; News: An easier way to create "flexible diamonds"; News: Tiny 'skyscrapers' help bacteria convert sunlight into electricity;
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