Newsletter archive 2019 -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Overview: Newsletter archive 2019

05/15/2019: New Medical Device Regulation


Special: The new MDR and its implementation; Interview: Medical Technology Innovation Lab; News: Developing countries: 3D printed microscope; News: High-speed microscope with intuitive gesture control; News: New adhesive structures for medical applications
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04/15/2019: Is your battery half full or half empty?


Special: Mean spikes fight microbes; News: Are you still charging?; News: Measurement of semiconductor material: now 100,000 times more sensitive; News: Slug glue for medical adhesives; News: Wound Healing: Wearable sensors mimics skin
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03/15/2019: Make a bone implant – with a jet


Special: Coating against hospital germs in the emergency room; Interview: Bone Implants: 3D printer with plasma jet technology; News: Movie technology inspires wearable liquid unit; News: New microfluidics device can detect cancer cells in blood; News: Light provides control for 3D printing with multiple materials; News: Powering a pacemaker with a patient's heartbeat
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02/15/2019: No chance for microbes


Special: Hygiene: coatings against microbes ; Video: From work order to highly precise manufacturing - 3D-printed medical devices; News: Antireflection coating makes plastic invisible; News: Blockchain: security and traceability for smart manufacturing; News: Advances in stretchable semiconductors
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01/15/2019: Biological production


Interview: Biological production of industrial basic substances; News: E-bandage speeds wound healing in rats; Paper sensors remove the sting of diabetic testing; News: New laser beams: formed to meet customers’ needs; News: Optimizing tungsten carbide for 3D printing
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