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Piezoceramics make tools swing

Quelle "PI Ceramic GmbH"

Whether in dental clearance or eye surgery: ultrasonically operating tools have become indispensable in a lot of areas of medical technology. Piezoceramic components transform electric power into mechanical vibrations, which create finest cuttings in eye surgery, for instance. At the medical engineering suppliers’ trade show COMPAMED, which will take place from November 15 to 17 in Düsseldorf, Germany, the company PI Ceramic GmbH will demonstrate the broad range of possible applications of these components. Along with PI, more than 20 companies and institutes will present innovations of medical technology at the Product Market High-tech for Medical Devices. The joint pavilion is organized by IVAM Microtechnology Network.

Visitors looking for micro and nano positioning techniques, for instance for cell separation or for confocal microscopy, will find them at the booth of PI. Apart from piezoceramic components the company also offers lens positioners for high-resolution microscopy and nano focusing systems for scanning applications. These applications also make use of piezoelectric actuators, because they work fast and extremely precise at the same time. Also presented are compact linear drives and positioning desks, which, at 500 mm/s, are noticeably faster than classic spindle-drive motors thanks to piezolinear drives. Accessing a position with an accuracy of 0.1 micrometers is ensured through optical linear encoders.

At COMPAMED, embedded in the medical trade show MEDICA, the exhibitors of the IVAM joint pavilion High-tech for Medical Devices will attract visitors from all over the world. Companies and institutes interested in exhibiting can contact Katrin Manka (E-mail: km@ivam.de; Phone: +49 231 9742 7081) in order to register. More information and the list of exhibitors can be found at www.ivam.de > Trade Shows/Dates.

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As the communicative bridge between suppliers and users of microtechnology products and services, IVAM brings innovations to market and creates competitive advantages via technology marketing. Furthermore, IVAM offers lobbying services for small and medium-sized enterprises, qualification and world-wide networking.

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