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Infusion Pump Problems – Help from Sensor Technology

Interview with Susanne Jungmann, Product Manager of Liquid Flow Products, Sensirion AG


Image: Susanne Jungmann; Copyright: Sensirion AG

Susanne Jungmann; © Sensirion AG

Image: An infusion line with a sensor; Copyright: Sensirion AG

The new infusion pumps are equipped with sensor technology. They are effective against problems like cross-flow or extravasation; © Sensirion AG

Image: A woman lying in a hospital bed. The main focus is her arm, where an infusion line with a sensor is attached; Copyright: Sensirion AG

An infusion pump, that is equipped with a sensor, has many advantages;
© Sensirion AG

 Image: In the foreground is a hand that holds a sensor with a tweezer. In the background is seen an eye, that views the sensor; Copyright: Sensirion AG

There are sensors with only a surface of 10 x 10 mm, but which work with high precision. That makes them ideal for surgical equipment; © Sensirion AG