In focus for brain-computer interfaces: diamond-based quantum sensors -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Brain-Computer-Interface: Focus on diamond-based quantum sensors

Interview with Dr Jan Jeske, Deputy Business Unit Manager Quantum Devices, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics IAF


Image: A man wearing VR glasses and a kind of hand exoskeleton sits in front of his laptop; copyright: seventyfourimages

It is already possible to control a virtual hand by thought alone using a sensor on the skin. However, better sensors are needed before precise control of a prosthesis or an exoskeleton is possible.

On the hunt for signals

The dream of the human-computer interface

An artificial gemstone as a solution?

NV diamond

Image: Diamonds on red background; Copyright: nanihta
Image: A patient with sensors on his head controls a hand exoskeleton with a BCI developed by Charité; Copyright: AG Klinische Neurotechnologie Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin

The goal of the NeuroQ project is not only to develop quantum magnetometers that function under normal conditions, but also to test them already for controlling neural exoskeletons with patients.

A new technology and a first step

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