Antiferromagnets: "Our discovery is real and proven" -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Antiferromagnets: "Our discovery is real and proven"

Interview with Dr. Libor Šmejkal, Research team leader, Institute for Physics, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz


Image: smiling man with beard – Dr. Libor Smejkal; Copyright: Czech Academy of Sciences

Dr. Libor Šmejkal

Image: conventional and unconventional antiferromagnets looking like balloons and dumbbells; Copyright: Libor Šmejkal

Figure 1: Left: Conventional antiferromagnet with "ballon" mangetisation density and no Hall current. Right: Discovered form of antiferromagnetism with a "dumbell" shaped magnetisation density and low dissipation Hall current.

Photo: Red and black "balloons" connected by gray sticks; Copyright: Libor Šmejkal

Figure 2: Unit cell of a real crystal of rutile antiferromagnet. In the background a visualisition of an effective relativistic quantum mechanical field which produces Hall current is shown.