Product highlights at COMPAMED 2021: Photo gallery -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Product highlights at COMPAMED 2021

Image: The LightFab 3D by LightFab; Copyright: beta-web/

The LightFab 3D by LightFab Printer is specifically designed for subtractive 3D printing of precision glass parts using the SLE process. The 3D Printer is suitable for prototypes and series production.

Hall 13 / D47

Image: DLyte Desktop Pro by GPAINNOVA; Copyright: beta-web/Molinari

The new DLyte Desktop Pro by GPAINNOVA offers a practical way to perform casting, milling or sintering of metal parts.

Hall 13 / B76

Image: DC servo motor by Faulhaber; Copyright: beta-web/Molinari

The brushless DC servo motor by Faulhaber with integrated motion controller promises constant synchronization, with high running smoothness. It is well-suited for use in vibration-sensitive applications.

Hall 14 / C62

Image: Low-noise blower drives for CPAP respiratory therapy devices by Shinano Kenshi; Copyright: beta-web/

With ASPINA, Shinano Kenshi showcases low-noise blower drives for CPAP respiratory therapy devices. With the help of masks a therapeutic overpressure is generated in the airways.

Hall 14 / C76

Image: Implant for blood pressure measurement by Fraunhofer IMS and ENAS; Copyright: beta-web/

An implant for blood pressure measurement developed by Fraunhofer IMS and ENAS. As part of the Fraunhofer Lighthouse Project "Theranostic Implants", technologies for future implants were developed by 12 Fraunhofer institutes in close cooperation.

Hall 13 / D59

Image: DRV by Vision Engineering; Copyright: beta-web/Molinari

The DRV-Z1 is a unique digital stereo inspection system that uses two cameras to create full 3D HD images that appear almost floating on the display.

Hall 14 / C18

Image: Optoflash XS30 by MARPOSS; Copyright: beta-web/Molinari

OPTOFLASH is a precision measurement solution based on 2D optical technology for fast and comprehensive quality control of fasteners. Optoflash is a perfect solution for the laboratory and the production environment.

Hall 14 / D58

Image: Lenses and Prisms by Edmund Optics; Copyright: beta-web/Molinari

Edmund Optics offers a range of lenses, windows and prisms. Windows are often used as protection for electronic sensors.

Hall 13 / E18

Image: Optical blood pressure monitoring by CiS Forschungsinstitut; Copyright: beta-web/

Hypertension is an important factor of cardiovascular disease. It can currently be diagnosed and monitored using an upper arm cuff. An optical sensor integrated into an earmold that can assess the blood pressure changes of each individual heartbeat is intended to remedy the situation. It is showcased at the stand of the CiS Forschungsinstitut für Mikrosensorik.

Hall 13 / E47

Image: DLyte PRO500 by GPAINNOVA; Copyright: beta-web/

DLyte PRO500 by GPAINNOVA offers a fully automated and high-quality surface finishing for expensive, fine and complex workpieces, where precise machining is required. Suitable for mass production.

Hall 13 / B76

Bild: Dymax BlueWave 2.0 by Dymax Europe; Copyright: beta-web/Molinari

Dymax BlueWave 2.0 by Dymax Europe is an LED hardening system. In addition to a touch screen, the revised version works with a higher intensity, which further reduces the hardening time.

Hall 14 / D08

Image: The FP 70 by KNF Neuberger; Copyright: beta-web/Molinari

The FP 70 by KNF Neuberger promises to be self-priming and dry-running and to pump liquids gently. The smooth-flow pump is able to be equipped with motors of different power classes. The pump is low in pulsation and can thus be operated in limited spaces.

Hall 13 / A47