Biological production of industrial basic substances -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Biological production of industrial basic substances

Interview with Dr. Theo Peschke and Dr. Kersten S. Rabe from the Institute of Biological Interfaces at the KIT.


Image: Dr. Theo Peschke - smiling man with beard; Copyright: KIT

Dr. Theo Peschke

Image: Dr. Kersten Rabe - smiling man with dark hair; Copyright: KIT

Dr. Kersten S. Rabe

Image: blue jelly and a magnifying glass showing details of the construction; Copyright: Grafik: Theo Peschke, KIT

Biocatalyst: Two different proteins combine to form a hydrogel, similar to a two-component adhesive.

Image: A gray device and a hand holding a glass slide; Copyright: KIT

The reactor with which the experiments were carried out.

Image: four computer-generated containers hanging on crane ropes; Copyright: / bayberry

In such containers microreactors could be operated directly on site.

Image: Simone Ernst; Copyright: B. Frommann