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Mean spikes fight microbes

Interview with Oliver Sonntag, CEO, Nano-Care Deutschland AG


Photo: Man with dark hair and beard in a light shirt and gray jacket - Oliver Sonntag; Copyright: Nano-Care Germany AG

Oliver Sonntag

Image: Graphic of the coating, through which cells are impaled; Copyright: Nano-Care Germany AG

The treated surfaces receive very small peaks against microbial attack. Positively charged nitrogen molecules pull the negatively charged cell wall onto the tip of the carbon molecules. Upon contact, the cell wall is physically destroyed and the E-Coli decays.

Image: Microscope image of the destroyed cells; Copyright: Nano-Care Germany AG

A bacterial cluster of E. coli on a treated textile fiber. You can see remnants and "mucilage" caused by the puncturing of the cell walls.

Foto: Simone Ernst; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann