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TE Connectivity IVD Solutions: "The microfluidic market calls for more secure products and more scalability"

Interview with Fran Blanco PhD-MBI, Global Head of Commercial & Strategy, TE Connectivity IVD Solutions


Image: Four microfluidic channels, each containing a different colored fluid. A hand in a blue disposable glove holds the carrier; Copyright: TE Connectivity

The development, regulatory consulting, clinical validation and manufacturing of microfluidic devices is the expertise of TE Connectivity IVD Solutions.

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Photo: Microfluidics; Copyright: TE Connectivity
Image: Chip assembly in a factory; Copyright: TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity also benefits in the field of microfluidics from its experience and resources as a contract development and manufacturing service provider for medical devices.

Image: Microfluidic chip onto which pink liquid is applied with a pipette; Copyright: TE Connectivity

It is impossible to imagine diagnostics or clinical studies without microfluidics. TE Connectivity IVD Solutions is therefore going full steam ahead with manufacturing a wide range of microfluidic-based products. In the future, this will also take place in two new factories in Europe and the USA.

Image: Woman with short hair is smiling at the camera - Anne Hofmann; Copyright: private