Impressions and Experiences - Voices from the Halls 2021 -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Impressions and Experiences - Voices from the halls 2021

Image: male trade fair exhibitor; Copyright: beta-web/Molinari
Syneo, an MMT company, has been a regular participant at COMPAMED for the past four years. Vice President of Sales, Crew Feighery, is pleased with this year's participation: "For the year after COVID, we are very pleased with the quality of visitors and leads we generated."
Image: male trade fair visitor; Copyright: beta-web/Molinari
Gal Yamin is at COMPAMED for the first time. He is looking around for new technology and new suppliers, especially in the field of adhesives, coils and cables. He is impressed by the scope of new technologies presented and will be happy to come back next year.
Image: female exhibitor; Copyright: beta-web/Molinari
For Möller Medical GmbH it is not the first visit to the trade fair, but for Anouk Steiner it is. She finds COMPAMED diverse and exciting. Together with her company, she goes here in search of new customers, new projects and new ideas. Möller Medical GmbH uses COMPAMED to be able to hold many customer meetings in a short time.
Image: two male visitors; Copyright: beta-web/Molinari
Jonas Kruschel and Sven Bornhorst are at COMPAMED for the first time to expand their networks – thanks to the way the trade fair is structured, they can get a good overview of the industry. They hope to find possible solutions to various problems here, as COMPAMED brings together all the well-known exhibitors.
Image: Male visitor; Copyright: beta-web/Pott
Elcam Medical has been present at COMPAMED for 15 years. Also under the new circumstances, caused by Corona, they exhibit their products. With amazing result: "Already the second day of the fair went better than our 2019 exhibition", says Edi Celidoni, Customer Service Manager. For her, COMPAMED is a trade fair that always looks to the future and future developments.
Image: male trade fair visitor; Copyright: beta-web/Molinari
Luka Josipovic is at COMPAMED for the first time and is impressed by the size. "I am here on the one hand to acquire new customers for my company, and on the other hand to find innovative companies with international products," he describes the reason for his stay.
Image: trade fair exhibitor; Copyright: beta-web/Molinari
Using COMPAMED as a marketplace and exchange exchange for equipment manufacturers and component suppliers – Camozzi Automation GmbH has been doing this since 2013. Ralf Friedrich gives an outlook on where the industry is heading in the coming years: "The trend is clearly towards miniaturization and complete solutions."
Image: female visitor; Copyright: beta-web/Molinari
"Amazing, incredible, unbelievable" – if Valeriia Fedchenko had to sum up COMPAMED in three words, these would be them. She is at the trade fair for the first time and, as a dealer, is particularly looking for contact with specialists in the field of otorhinolaryngology.
Image: female exhibitor; Copyright: beta-web/Molinari
Luisa Drechsel appreciates the international flair of COMPAMED: "After a long break, we are more than happy to be on the road again. We can even report an increased interest compared to 2019." The trend in the industry, she says, is moving toward standardization and miniaturization of point-of-care testing. "This will make diagnostic testing easier, faster and more accessible," Drechsel says.
Image: male exhibitor; Copyright: beta-web/Molinari
Kai Erdinger-Nattler from Körting Nachf. Wilhelm Steeger GmbH & Co. KG is already at COMPAMED for the fourth time with his colleague. He particularly appreciates the many customer contacts he can make here: "Despite Corona, we can develop technically interesting discussions with customers here."