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Product category: Physiotherapeutic cold treatment

Polar TENS

Niva Medical is exploring ideas and remarks from professionals all over the world and tries to implant these into new products. New in the line of medical treatment are the TENS pain divices.

Polar Tens Pain Relieving Therapy – dual channel
POLAR TENS -unit uses mild, safe electrical signals to help control pain and delivers the electrical signal to the body through a connection of a lead wire and self adhesive conductive electrodes.
POLAR TENS unit is a portable, pocked-sized, battery-powered device.
Polar Trode Neurostimulation Electrodes available in most popular sizes and shapes. High quality and low cost will please your customer. Comes with a easy to use Electrode Placement Chart.

HOW DOES POLAR TENS WORK? – The most common TENS programs use high-frequency stimulation, which is the first choice for both acute and chronic pains. High-frequency stimulation send impulses to the nervous system ́s own pain-inhibiting mechanisms, which block the pain. You can use it as often and as long as you like, but each treatment should last at least 45 minutes.
ANOTHER TYPE OF TENS is low-frequency stimulation. Low-frequency TENS treatment can alleviate pain by stimulating muscles to release the body ́s own morphine-like substance, endorphins. Place the electrode on a muscle in the painful area so that a visible contraction occurs. You can use low-frequency TENS for 20-45 minutes, three times a day. Low-frequency stimulation can lead to sore muscles.

• Polar TENS -device
• 1 Pack self adhesive electrodes • 2 Patient leads
• Instruction manual
• 1 9 V Battery
• Patient Guide to TENS
• Belt clip
• Soft, padded carrying case
CE 0434

Polar Trode Neurostimulation Electrodes
Polar self-adhesive carbon film neurostimulation electrodes feature soft rubber lead wire attachments that make it easy to attach them to the electrode lead wires. A long lasting gel provides strong adhesion to the skin. Polar Trodes come in four convenient sizes.

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Product category: Physiotherapeutic cold treatment

Polar Neurostimulation Electrodes

Polar Trode Neurostimulation Electrodes are used with neurostimulation devices, the electrodes have to used in pairs. The electrodes are placed on the body, a minor electric signal will send true the body and reduce nerve signals between the electrodes. This method is used for TENS and muscles-stimulations.

Polar self-adhesive carbon film neurostimulation electrodes feature soft rubber lead wire attachments that make it easy to attach them to the electrode lead wires. A long lasting gel provides strong adhesion to the skin. Polar Trodes come in four convenient sizes.

Polar Neurostimulation Electrodes are re-usable, adhesive line of electrodes, used with any type of electrotherapy devices. For longer lasting of the electrodes make sure that the skin is clean and free from any oil or cosmetics. If the adhesive of the electrodes is getting less,  wet the adhesion-side with a drop of water and put it in the cooler for an our or two.

Questions about electrodes

We are often asked about the on/off performance of our electrodes. The answer is very simple: The durability of our electrodes depends entirely on the application, storage, humidity and care on the part of the user.

Application: Before each electrode application, skin must be cleaned with water and soap to remove any lotions, skin oils, make-up and dead skin. Any debris on the skin will be transferred to the gel of the electrode thereby compromising the integrity of the gel’s adhesiveness. Therefore, a clean surface is the most important factor in the number of applications for an electrode.

Storage: After every use the electrode must be returned to the “ON” side of the Mylar liner, and placed in the original, re-sealable package to prevent loss of moisture. The electrodes should be stored at a temperature that would be comfortable for a human being, or somewhere between 41.0° and 80.6° F. with humidity at 35-50%.

DO NOT: Store in freezer/refrigerator, leave in extreme heat, submerge in water, or leave outside of the package.  Care: After usage, if the electrode picks up small amounts of debris you may use a drop of water on your finger to gently rub the debris off the electrode. Most important to the care of the electrode is applying it to a clean surface with each use. DO NOT: Use soap, alcohol, submerge in water, or scrub with abrasive material.The number of applications depends entirely on the proper application, storage and care by the user. The durability of the electrodes depends on the adhesiveness of the gel and its adhesiveness depends on keeping the gel clean, hydrated and free from foreign debris.

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Product category: Physiotherapeutic cold treatment

Polar Frost Pain Relieving Cold Gel

Polar Frost pain relieving cold gel provides moderate long acting reduction (5-6 C) of the skin temperature, for 2-4 hours, without risks of counter reactions or frostbites. It offers a possibility to use features and benefits of cold as long as needed. Massage a thin layer of Polar Frost Cold Gel into the painful area. Repeat application every three hours for 3-5 days, as needed. Polar Frost absorbs fast and works quickly.

Polar Frost cold gel can be used by muscular disorders and injuries like : strains, sprains and ruptures, stressed muscles and tension, chronic neck-, shoulder and low back pains and aches, work and occupation related muscular disorders, cramps and spasms, bruises, lumbago and ischias. Joints: Arthritis related inflammations and pains, arthroses, bursitis, golfer ́s wrist. Tendons and ligaments: tendonitis, tennis elbow.

Polar Frost provides cooling, soothing relief for soft tissue acute and chronic aches and pains. It is specially formulated to provide soothing relief for soft tissue injuries, stress injuries, muscle tension, inflammation and stiffness. Long lasting pain relief is achieved by a dual application process. The Aloe Vera in the second layer actually seals in the menthol, providing longer lasting treatments. Relieves
effectively the irritation of mosquito bites.

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Product category: Physiotherapeutic cold treatment

Polar Bands and Tubes

Therapeutic Exercise Band comes in bands and tubes.
Polar Band s and tubes are Color coded Latex Exercise Bands are available in 5 levels of resistance (additional 3 optional colors). Different resistance levels are determined by thickness of the band.

POLAR BAND Bands and tubes provides both positive and negative force on the muscles, improves strength, range of motion and cooperation of muscle groups. Polar Band Exercise bands can be used in physical therapy clinics, hospitals, home health care and the fitness field. Lots of excersizes can be made with resistance bands and tubes. You don’t need expensive equipment to train your body or to do excersizes in your rehabilitation. One peace of polar band or tube can replace the equipment you are using, and it can be done just any ware.

Polar Band is also available in Latex free – same 45,7 m and 5,5 m rolls.

• Each Polar Band Exercise Band has a printing on the band
• Developed for all Progressive Resistance Exercise applications including those for aging adults
• Precision engineered for consistent tension and evenly spaced resistance levels
• Basically powder and odor free
• Available in 5 different basic colors/resistance levels
• Available in 45,7 m (50 yd), 5,5 m (6 yd) rolls and 1,5 m precut packages
• Durable, lightweight and compact
• Bright attractive finish and colors


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Product category: Physiotherapeutic cold treatment

Polar Face Pillow

Polar Face Pillow for treatment couches.
Physiotherapists often hear from patients that the edge of the face opening in a treatment couch is too hard. There is now a solution with the Polar foamgel face pillow. This memory foam pillow allows treatment in the prone position comfortably and protects the face. The treatment will be more comfortable for the patient. The Face Pillow will adapt to the face of the patient and will protect it, so the edge of the face opening of the couch does no harm to the service of the skin.

The standard black microfiber cover is washable. You can also use disposable paper covers.
Polar face pillow size: 27×30 x4.5cm. Material: memory foam.

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Niva Medical Co. is the European and Middle Eastern representative for American manufacturers: Mettler Electronics Corp. and Whitehall Manufacturing Inc.
Since the introduction of the Sonicator 700 in 1957, Mettler Electronics Corp. has continued to provide portable ultrasound and electro-stimulation therapy equipment used in sports medicine, physical therapy, chiropractic and podiatric health care.
For over five decades, Whitehall Mfg. Inc. has been a leading producer of quality hydrotherapy and healthcare equipment, including Scrub-Ware surgical scrub sinks, Care-Ware bedside care units, heat and cold therapy treatment products, and hydrotherapy products, such as Whirlpools and Hydrolift systems.

Niva Medical Oy manufacturers Polar Frost Pain Relieving Gel, Polar Band Exercise band, Polar TENS, Polar Trode -electrodes and Polar Shock Wave.

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